In this episode Aida and Naeema discuss the importance of having a #girlgang and the many benefits that come with surrounding yourself with sisters who share the same goals as you.

Overcoming Creative Comparison

Comparison is something we are all guilty of at some point in our lives. Aida and Ruby discuss creativity and comparison, going into the consequences to your creative life if you compare yourself too much with others and providing suggestions of how you can overcome these totally natural feelings.

The Importance Of Tazkiyyah

In this episode, Aida and Mariama spoke about the importance of Tazkiyyah. We discussed how moments of reflection is important in the process of self-purification and how crucial this step is before we strive to get closer to the Book of Allah.


Of Babies + Infertility

Do you ever find yourself thinking, “Everyone around me is getting pregnant, why aren’t I?” In this episode Aida and Naeema delve into what’s usually a taboo topic; because you aren’t the only one who’s had that thought.