tuesday love letters


At TSL, we want to build a solid community of Sisters that empowers one another, and our love letters are one of the ways we are striving to do that.


Every Tuesday, In Sha Allah, I will send a love note of my reflections, thoughts and musings that I don’t share anywhere else, directly to you. 

No sales pitches, no pre-orders, just honest, raw reflections on things that truly matters, in the hopes that it will trigger a personal dialogue between us and to hopefully inspire, encourage + motivate you.

Here’s a little sneak peek of the kind of good vibes you will be getting in your Inbox every Tuesday.

I sincerely hope you’ll join us.

PS: I can get really sappy.



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I always believe that subscribing to you months ago was somewhat Allah's plan for me. To be more humble, to be more emphatic and to let me know that I am not alone. I have always enjoyed and always look forward for Tuesday to read your love letters. It often gives me that little nudge that I need to start my day right. 



Your voice in your letters is like light, illuminating many shady areas in many sisters’ hearts, including mine. I often find myself inspired, motivated and uplifted whenever I get to the end of the mail.

- has y


I just wanted to thank you for all the wisdom, inspiration and motivation you share with us! Your emails are always the ones I open first and make sure I read through the entire thing straight away.

- naeema i


I pray that you’ll keep on writing. In these times where comments and opinions are cheaply thrown everywhere, I believe I’ve grown mature enough now to not desire to reach out for those anymore. Rather, my heart yearns to contemplate over long writings, a careful product of a writer’s poured time, effort, soul & wisdom.

- dian S


I am glad that I made the decision of joining the TSL love letters. They are highly inspirational and motivational. I get excited when I have a letter in my inbox because I never know what to expect. Your love letters, give me the sense of hope – that there is something to live for. In a place where I don’t feel like I belong your letters give me the boosting confidence to keep fighting.

- Yas


I’d just like to let you know how beautiful I think your love letters are. You are always genuine in your letters and I think it takes a kind of courage to be vulnerable enough to reveal a little bit of yourself each week. It’s certainly paid off though! I always look forward to receiving your letter on Tuesdays because it’s always so positive and spiritual.

- afiqah i

The love letters are proof that I’m not alone in navigating my way around spirituality. They act as weekly reminders for me to strive to be a better Muslim and force me to do some deep introspection.

- hana y


I always feel a surge of adrenaline & gratitude each time I read your Tuesday Love Letters. It has inspired me to continue working on myself. I have found the interest & drive I once had, thanks to you.

- amal l


Every Tuesday, I’ll look forward to receiving the love letter from you feeling all excited. *even made a separate folder to put your emails in and read them as a book!* Your emails always reminds me that He is there for us. Times when I feel unmotivated, I’ll refer back to any of your emails to set me as a reminder. And I thank you for that.

- es


I was reading your email yesterday morning just as I was starting my targeted therapy treatment. Your emails usually and always comes in at such perfect timing when I am going through something difficult. Reading such a thoughtful and kind email makes for a calm mind, serene thoughts and that feeling that makes my heart full of love. Syukran jazilan Aida.

- az as


It would be an understatement to say that I absolutely adore everything there is about TSL- the love letters especially. The magnitude, the transparency and the flux of your words is unpretentious and are filled with so much love and sincerity. Reading your recent love letter has given me the courage and confidence to step back out into the world and just live again. Thank you <3

- farah A