On the 11th of July 2015, we held our very first small, cosy meet up session for some of the ladies on our mailing list. Centred around the theme “Pursuing Passion”, the activities planned for the day were aimed to inspire and trigger the “inner artist” in each of the ladies.

We also wanted to dispel the idea of “creativity” being conformed to the traditional art forms, that requires a paint brush or a pencil or moulding clays, but “art” and “creativity” is anything that one pursues sincerely, that is of value, that can touch lives, and most importantly, in our opinion, anything that you do for Allah, and that can lead you to be closer to Him. :)

We couldn’t have done this without the good peaople at , and our amazing speakers and workshop facilitators: Atikah Amalina, Fadhilah Wahid, Nura Ahmad & the sisters from The Write Series.

Here’s a few shots from the day! ♥
— Aida + TSL team