TSL ECO Pochettas SGD$29.90 *SOLD OUT* 

These pieces are part of the TSL ECO line where we mix and match vintage pieces (that still have a lot of life in them) and excess fabrics that we collect from tailors + souk here in Tangier to stitch new, wearable apparels and accessories. 50% of the proceeds from all TSL ECO Apparels will either go back towards the elderly ladies we buy these scrap fabrics from or to our lead tailor, Sansan, to eventually open her own tailoring shop here in Tangier, In Sha Allah.


One of our favourite products to make, the TSL Pochetta pays tribute to the oh so beautiful fabrics we "stumble" upon in our daily sourcing trips at the Souk! As these fabrics are extremely rare, the number of Pochettas per design is inclredibly limited - a thought that we absolutely, absolutely love! 

  • Available in The Black Geometrics Print. (The Quirky Birdie Print is now SOLD OUT.)
  • Our Pochettas are all fully lined, and have sturdy foam backing, making our Pochettas not flimsy 
  • 26 cm x 19.5 cm