Our foremothers are a lot of things - they are courageous, compassionate, charismatic
but they are also creative. Our great-great grandmothers did a lot with their hands
- something that we, the current generation of ladies, can learn and take inspiration from.

Because I would love to carry on that tradition, the idea of TSL's Creative Week was born.

From 5th December - 11th December 2016, I will be collaborating with some of the most talented and inspiring ladies I personally know to teach a diverse and wide range of skill set so as to encourage ladies to use their hands and to try out new things that they have always wanted to learn / experiment but never had the opportunity or the time to do so. 

The mini workshops are meant to be cosy and intimate (max of 5 ladies per session) and 100% of the fee will go towards the Creative / Teacher. I sincerely hope you will join us.


Mini Workshop #1

Monday 5th december, 8pm - 10 pm, city area



While shooting with day light is almost as easy as 1, 2, 3, night photography takes your photography skills to the next level. Learn the basics of taking beautiful high quality photographs suitable to be used either for professional or personal use. Join Sharmee and Aida on a walking tour of our beautiful city, learning the ropes of shooting people at night as we go along. 


Participants must have their own DSLR cameras with any lens of choice.
(Preferably fast prime lenses on hand)

You Will Learn:

- The trinity of light in a DSLR camera - shutter speed, aperture and ISO

- How to pose your subjects

- Ideal shooting mode for night portraits

- Post-production tips

Your Teacher:

Shamsydar Ani is a full-time photographer, wanderluster and foodie. She struggles between her insatiable hunger for good food and her commitment to the gym. She spends her weekends photographing for www.shamsydarani.com and her weekdays cooking up a storm for www.halalfoodhunt.com. Occasionally, she shares her cooking escapades and travel adventures at www.sharmeee.com. If lost, she can be found at the nearest cinema bawling her eyes out or re-reading the Harry Potter series to remind herself that Hogwarts is real.


Mini Workshop #2




Film Documentaries shed light on our world. They portray real people, events, and situations - but with an aesthetic sensibility that transforms these depictions into compelling statements about all aspects of our social, cultural, political, and economic lives. As John Grierson, a pioneer of the documentary form, noted, “Documentary is the creative treatment of actuality.”

You Will Learn:

- Deciding on a topic for your Documentary

- The Research Phase: Acquiring information and historical context on your topic and why this is important

- Respecting the perspective of the Maker vs Subjects vs Audience 

- The "Truth Value" in Documentaries - Finding the Balance between Storytelling and Documenting 

- 5 Tips for a smooth shooting experience

Your Teacher:

Sarah Bagharib is a documentary producer. She absolutely loves meeting new people, learning their stories and telling them. Her credits include Brilliant Ideas for Bloomberg TV, Heart of Indonesia for BBC World News and Undercover Asia: Freedom or Death for Channel News Asia, where she went undercover to film with asylum seekers and refugees in Indonesia. 

When she's not behind the camera, you can find her working on her passion projects related to fashion and women empowerment.

She also has a keen interest in how new technologies facilitate greater communication and empower us to make a difference.

Instagram: @sarahbagharib


Mini Workshop #3

wednesDAY 7TH DECEMBER, 8PM - 10 PM, tampines



As our wise mothers say, "Tak kenal maka tak cinta". That was what happened with Sashimi for me and I think the same goes for Classical Music. 

Let us allow ourselves to react to Classical Music with our hearts, just as we do when we meet other forms of art. 

You Will Learn:

- Note reading 

- Introduction to basic rhythm 

- Learn how to play the theme of Beethoven's Symphony No. 5 in C Minor on the piano 

- Introduction to Western Classical Music 

- Key pieces of Western Classical Music 

Your Teacher:

Nabillah Jalal is a recent graduate from the Royal College of Music in London, majoring in Piano Performance. When not performing, Nabillah is a keen educator and teaches piano to students in London and Singapore. A key part of her motivation is in spreading appreciation and involvement with the arts, both as a teacher and in charity and social work with lower-income and underrepresented communities. 

You can find millenial Nabillah on Instagram @nabillahjalal or www.nabillahjalal.com



Mini Workshop #4

thurSDAY 8TH DECEMBER, 8PM - 10 PM, central


Screen Shot 2016-11-22 at 5.17.01 PM.jpg

"Writing is filling paper with the breathings of your heart." 

In this mini workshop session, we will delve deeper into this beautiful and critically essential but often times, brushed aside, art form of writing. You will be introduced to the skills, tools and mindset needed for a creative writer.

*Please bring a notebook to the session. 

You Will Learn:

- The 3 Things You Need To Do,
  To Write From The Heart
- How To Make Writing, Actually Enjoyable
- How To Combat Writer's Block
- How to knit normal everyday scenes in your life together to make into a rivetting narrative

Your Teacher:

Singaporean through and through, Aida resides in Tangier, Morocco with her husband, K.

She runs The Shawl Label full time while curiously immersing herself with learning, reading and writing about things she's strongly passionate about: her Deen, Entrepreneurship, Self-Worthiness & the importance of finding Balance. 

Her one sole purpose is to champion Sisterhood and to equip ladies to pursue self betterment and to collectively become the best version of themselves, In Sha Allah.

She now writes solely for TSL's Love Letters, a weekly newsletter that she sends out to over 1,800 Sisters all over the world. She also produces the Woman Up podcast.

Instagram: @aidaazlin_
Twitter: @aidaazlin_


Mini Workshop #5




Good things come in small portions!

In this special soul cooking session you will learn how to cater for the ultimate party with finger food that looks elegant, tastes amazing and totally effortless to prepare! 

You Will Learn:

In this session, we will be making two chicken marinades (Exotic Kaffir Lime and Garlic Parmesan) and learn how you can plate them in the most appetising way; your guests will not be able to resist them. To end it on a sweet note, we will be making mini rose apple and apricot pies for dessert.

Attendees will each receive a step by step recipe and will be able to take home their food creations fit for one pax.

Your Teacher:

Asha Adnan is the founder and runs Asha & Co, a place where adults meet, experience and grow together through interactive activities and soul sessions. Her passion for culinary and art has brought her to explore different cuisines and cultures during her travels and she shares them with others through her #soulcookingsessions and #soulartsessions. Occasionally she gets the random cooking fever that results into cooking a feast and hosting dinner and brunch talk sessions where like minded individuals meet at the dining table to share ideas and create meaningful conversations.

Instagram: @asha.n.co / @ashaadn
Website: ashaandco.com


Mini Workshop #6

saturDAY 10TH DECEMBER, 12PM - 4 PM, jurong



Learn simple stitches that you can use in multiple ways to create intricate embroideries that will certainly impress your family and friends with your "mad skills". 

You Will Learn:

In this workshop, you will learn three stitches - straight, French knot and chain - and create an embroidery sampler (or your very own "abstract art"). You will also be introduced to the basic tools and materials needed to begin your embroidery journey. Bring them home to start your own embroidery empire! 

Your Teacher:

Izziyana Suhaimi is an artist, most known for her embroidered artworks on paper. She also occasionally uses weaving and other textiles in her work. She uses these techniques in slightly unexpected ways, while getting inspired by religion and science fiction.

Instagram: @izziyanasuhaimi
Website: http://www.izziyanasuhaimi.com/


Mini Workshop #7

sunday 11th DECEMBER, 12PM - 4 PM, bukit panjang



This workshop was created out of love for moulding little clays, mixing pops of colours, getting in touch with the creatively unconscious mind and the coterie.

You Will Learn:

- Basic introduction about clays

- How to condition clays

- Shaping clays into round, cubes & geometric

- Techniques on how to create polka dots & stripes on clays

- How to heat the clays 

- How to string heated clays

- How to make an adjustable string

Your Teacher:

Hani Rafie is a working mother of 2 boys who runs Hani Rafie + Co, a creative platform for handcrafted art. 

From a performer and a make-up artiste, to a nurse and learning psychology, she realises what the expression of the human creative skill is capable of. Her passion for handcrafted artefacts have brought her to explore clays out of creativity and skills, making moral imperfections a true art. As she put her motor skills to another level, this colour enthusiast occasionally hosts workshops where she shares her skills, ideas and curiosities with like minded individuals through tea and interactive conversations. She now writes for the Midweek Mail that she sends out to her tribe in the mailing list fortnightly. 

When she is away from her creative outlet, she'll put on her unglamorous pair of boots for a hike through nature with her family, the place she often finds gratitude and everything else in between. She is forever looking for balance in her road of life. 

Instagram: @hanirafie.co