Baba told me that he has always had a passion for Jewellery, ever since he can remember. He loved it so much that he actually took night classes when he was younger in the UK on Jewellery Design. 

Fast forward twenty years later, Baba now runs a successful jewellery store (aptly named Boubker Bijouterie) right smack in Tangier's boulevard and employs 6-7 workers at his workshop where they make all his Jewellery by hand.

What I admire about him is his constant spirit of always being in gratitude. His lips is always moist with "Alhamdulillah", and he says it all the time, I kid you not!

I'll never forget this story: One day, a rather strong wind passed through the city and it caused a huge tree to break and snap in two. The entire top half of the tree smashed right through the roof of Baba's car. He was in London at that time so K had to call him to inform him of the news. You know what was his response? "Alhamdulillah!". Any other being (me for example!) would be totally shocked and a little upset but Baba remained grateful. This was not the only case in point. A few years ago, his very first restaurant in the UK caught fire only after a few weeks in operation. When the insurance agent came to check the place, Baba was in very good spirits (in fact, he was laughing at the sheer coincidence of it all!) that the agent was actually skeptical and did have his suspicions that Baba himself was responsible for the fire and is just out to get insurance claims! He asked Baba, "why are you in such a good mood after such a thing happened?" 

Baba answered, "If I'm sad and in tears, will it turn back the hands of time? There's a lot more things to be grateful about!"



When Baba suggested that we collaborate and design something together, I instantaneously thought of doing a "Syukur" Bracelet - inspired greatly by Baba himself.

We truly hope that this bracelet will always remind its wearer to always, always be in the state of gratitude and to seek comfort in the fact that whatever happens, it is all from Allah's will.

And whatever Allah has willed for us, is always the best. Even if we may not understand how or why, in due time, it will all make sense. Alhamdulillah. :)

Aida + Baba


 Each purchase of the Syukur bracelet will come with a small, leather Moroccan pouch. Colours to vary. (as pictured)

Each purchase of the Syukur bracelet will come with a small, leather Moroccan pouch. Colours to vary. (as pictured)


The Syukur Bracelet SGD$45.90

  1. The bracelet measures 20 CM in total length with adjustable clasp
  2. The "Syukr" rectangle measures 2.8 CM
  3. Handcrafted in Morocco
  4. Made of Sterling Silver 

PS: Sisters, our Online checkout system requires you to have a Debit/Credit Card. If you do not have one and would like to make a purchase, do drop us an email at theshawllabel@gmail.com


I’ve received the syukr bracelet yay!!! Love it so much I put it on instantly :) thank you Aida for creating such meaningful pieces (from your shawls to accessories) which help us Sisters to be better muslimahs. I hope this visual reminder will remind me to always be in a state of syukur no matter in what situation.

May Allah swt reward you, your family and team with abundance of blessings
— zkh

Been meaning to let you know that I’ve already received the bracelet and it’s already a part of my arm candy hehe. Love it so much! Came at the perfect time alhamdulillah!
— sab hnm
The bracelets are really beautiful! I am so in love with mine and I bought one as a gift for a very special friend!
— Aisyah a