Throughout my trip in SG and from the number of emails I get from Sisters about this same recurring topic, I thought it is time I host a very intimate, soul-sharing session on “Tackling Fear and Being A Muslimah Entrepreneur Today”.

I get emails every day on how to start a business, how to get from “Idea” to “Launch”, how to silence critics and self-doubt, how to juggle responsibilities and a full time job while doing a side hustle, a “magic trick or tips” that can make a business be successful overnight (there isn’t, sorry) and these are hard questions that no amount of email correspondence can suffice.

The Dream Dua Do (DDD) Session strives to answer some of these concerns based specifically on each participant’s unique current circumstances.
— A

A full day workshop cum sharing session, these are some of the topics that will be covered:

- the power of intention
- who are we really serving? (finding your audience)
- is my idea good enough?
- How / When Should I start and what to do next: your battle plan (the difference between a say-er vs a do-er)
- overcoming fear + self-doubt + criticism
- managing expectations: there is no shortcut to success
- Muslimah with many hats: how to tackle a full time job + other commitments while starting a side hustle
- the problem of pricing and our weird relationship with money
- 5 main reasons people fail
- 5 main factors for success
- The story behind Dream, Dua, Do
- Q & A + Soul Conversations
+ special sharing with Syaira of Fluff Bakery

28th February, Sunday
11 AM - 4.30 PM
(with a 30 minutes break to pray Zuhur + snack on some Fluff cupcakes!)
Venue: Fluff Bakery, 4 Jalan Pisang
** Only 7 slots available

All participants will get a complimentary Dream Dua Do Notebook and 2 Fluff Cupcakes (assorted flavours)!

If you are an aspiring #girlboss or are already hustling on your passion project and want to make things work, better, I really hope you will join us. Or if you are someone who has no idea what your business could be about, but you know in your heart of hearts that you have always wanted to do something more, perhaps this session could trigger and inspire you.

I will be sharing with you everything I know and have learned these past years and I also wanted it to be super intimate and cosy so the participants will be comfortable enough to share their stories and struggles. It’s only through honest, heartfelt sharings that we can really dig deeper to find solutions and make a breakthrough.

And it is my sincere hope that The DDD Session can be the space where we do just that, In Sha Allah.

If you heart is tugging at you saying, “we need this!” or “OH YEAH!”, just email us at and I’ll be happy to guide you through the registration process or answer any questions you might have about The DDD Session.
— A