So, K and I found a nice little studio / office space and In Sha Allah, we will be moving in on the 1st of January next year!

It has quite a bit of character, check the funky tiles, plus this hole in the wall - which made me love it even more! 

Also, the studio space is in a building that used to be a cinema. This particular "window" in the wall (see photo 1&2 below) used to be where the movie projector would be, and the space below our studio used to be the cinema theatres. This little historical fact definitely made K and I reminisce our Uni days of being Film majors. It's also no surprise who we got as next door neighbours: CINE LUX, CINE GOYA and CINE ALCAZAR.


2013 was one of the hardest year for us as husband and wife. 2014 was better and 2015 has been one of our bestest year yet, Alhamdulillah.

Our parents told us that the first few years of marriage are always the hardest because you are starting out with nothing. And it really was tough, especially if you chose the path less travelled and refuse to get a 9-5. People either thought you are foolish or extremely brave, but truth be told we weren’t both. We just knew we had one life, and we wanted our time in this world to matter. So we gave up on a lot of things so that every day when we wake up we get to work on the things we truly care about.

Coming 1st January next year In Sha Allah, we will finally have our own studio space to work on our projects. No more cafes with wifi hotspots for K and no more working in pyjamas for me.

Please help us make Du’a that we will make good use of this space to do works for His cause and to work even harder in serving the Sisterhood and our local Moroccan community!
— A + K