What Exactly Is The Make 2016 Awesome E-Course?

The 'Make 2016 Awesome, In Sha Allah' E-Course will cover just about everything you need to know about building good habits that last. In 2016, we will be focusing on building 4 core habits: 

  • Waking Up Early (The 5 AM Club)
  • Eating Mindfully
  • De-Cluttering + Minimalising
  • Following The Prophet's (SAW) Sunnah


Why You Need It?

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Have you ever started the new year feeling extremely re-charged and inspired so you make resolutions, but it only lasted for 5 days, max? Or have you ever wondered why your habits doesn't stick or why you are inconsistent with making any kind of positive change? 

The thing is, we all know what it takes to make our lives better, but it's the application that is challenging. "How do I start? What do I next? I'm losing discipline, what now?"

The 'Make 2016 Awesome, In Sha Allah' E-Course aims to walk you through the entire process of building habits that last, from Step 0 to you finishing the crossing line. We'll share with you practical actionables that you can incorporate in your day-to-day so that you can work on building the 4 core habits. We'll also teach you everything that we have learned about building good habits: the scientific evidence, the psychology, the mindset, the methods that worked for us, the methods that didn't. And we're going to make it super fun and super easy for you ladies to follow, In Sha Allah.



What You Will Get

The E-Course will consist of:

  • 4 Videos on the 4 Core Habits (The 5 AM Club, Eating Mindfully, De-Cluttering + Minimalising and Following The Prophet's Sunnah) that will, In Sha Allah, make your 2016 Awesome!
  • An E-Book written by Aida on everything she has learned on how to build good habits and how to stick to them.
  • A 2016 Calendar where we schedule and list practical ideas and actionable things we can all do in our day to day to incorporate and strengthen these 4 Core Habits. 
  • Accountability Tracker. This helps you track what you've done to build a particular habit. (Think of it like a progress chart for you.)
  • Frame-able motivational quotes / posters / wallpapers to remind you why you are on this journey! *flexed muscle emoticon* + Visual reminders always helps!
  • BONUS: A Video on "How To Operate Your Business in 2016" by Karim and Aida will pair you up and introduce you with a Sister in the course as your Accountability Buddy (someone that will cheer you on and make sure you do what you set out to do) if you need one. Perfect way to get to know a new friend this year and to not feel like you are doing all of this alone!



  • Monday, 4th January: Introduction Video
  • Thursday, 7th January: "How To Build Good Habits & Stick To Them" E-Book + "How To Operate Your Business in 2016" Bonus Video + Make 2016 Awesome Calendar + Motivational Posters / Wallpapers released + Aida will pair and introduce you to your accountability buddy if you opted to have one!
  • Sunday, 10th January: Video 1 + Accountability Tracker 1: The 5 AM Club
  • Sunday 17th January: Video 2 + Accountability Tracker 2: Eating Mindfully
  • Sunday 24th January: Video 3 + Accountability Tracker 3: Following the Prophet's (SAW) Sunnah
  • Sunday 31st January: Video 4 + Accountability Tracker 4: De-Cluttering + Minimalising

*All of our content for the 'Make 2016 Awesome, In Sha Allah' E-Course are not time sensitive. If you won't be able to access or won't have time to view the videos on these dates, they will still be available beyond those dates. You can also download these videos and have it for safe keeping in your Hard Drive or on your computer so if you should wish to refresh any of the topics we covered, you can do so at any time, and at any where, In Sha Allah!


I love it! Your tips are excellent and I enjoyed your entire video. I actually feel motivated to start working on this habit!
— I.S
What a wonderful video packed with nuggets of info and gems of inspiration. Mabrook Ukhti Aida!
— az a