List of Questions Answered:

00:28 - "Can you talk a little bit about Time Management, please?"

02:34 - "I want to start a business. But what product should I sell? How do one know which product or service to market?"

05:05 - "What is it like working with your spouse? Is it a good idea/advisable?"

06:28 - "I cannot quit my job now as I'm under a contract and have a year left. What should I do till then? FYI: I'm interested to set up a blog / photography business."

08:47 - "I'm not a business kind of person, but am comfortable with my craft / skill. Should I partner with someone who is more business-savvy to try to make a stable income?"

11:17 - "I'm doing my business right now but not really full pledged, and not really a part time too. As and when, there's order, I'll bake and at the same time I try new recipes and give out to my friends/colleagues. I was wondering should I do it fulltime with no other backups like capital or investors? and getting a really huge pay cut, is this a wise move?"

15:09 - "How do I gain networks/buyers to build up my business? Should I hire someone whose working in an advertising company or should I give samples of my cakes for cafes in Singapore to try out and get them to work with me for their desserts?"

18:30 - "Should I continue being the one-woman show or should I collaborate with someone/a company?"

19:53 - "Time management. How do I keep well with my time to do everything without disturbance or hiccups?"

22:12 - "Do I need to be good with contracts, if I decide to open a physical shop with someone? I can bake but know nuts about contracts and business related stuffs!"

23:26 - "Should I just wait for orders to come or should I do like bake sale every month? How do I start?"

26:28 - "Currently I'm one-woman show, should I get someone to do the accounts/settling the orders/clear payments whereas I will just be a the kitchen/in front of the mixer and oven. If I get someone, someone in the family or a friend or someone who has the same interest as me, doing it voluntarily?"

30:13 - "Why don't you use just one platform for The Shawl Label e.g. use the blog section on Shopify, or is there a reason behind having a separate umbrella site on Squarespace?"

32:26 - "Did you have a capital when you started?"

35:43 - "How do you handle mailing and delivery, especially internationally?"

36:15 - "How do you handle challenging customers or if the products do not meet their expectations?"

40:30 - "What is the criteria for selecting a particular product to be featured in the next release?"

42:05 - "If you have multiple skills, which one should you start with first? Should it be the easiest to start with? The one I practice often? The cheapest to begin with?"

44:21 - "Me and my sisters have dabbled in small ventures before but it's either short-lived success or none at all. It has been disheartening and frustrating at times. How do one start again after a failure? How do one knows which product or service to market?"