Questions Asked:

1) I would like to ask if it is okay to have a simple purpose as in my purpose is to be better (improving myself from the inside) to serve my own family better. My bigger purpose would be to serve the community. But I feel like I am not at that level yet. Honestly I kind of suck at motivating people or be inspiring. However, I feel like I can serve my own family better. More importantly my children. See I am a mess inside. I have been suffering from bad anxiety, panic attacks, depression for most part of my life. Yes, since childhood. I just came out of post natal depression. Alhamdulillah for all the strength that Allah have given me. So for now, my purpose is to be stronger within. To serve my family first. I know some people say to just "go jer" (to serve community). But I feel that I am not ready yet. So my question is, am I shortchanging myself? Is it the fear of failure that is stopping me? Or should I just go jer?

2) How do you differentiate between being tired or just plain lazy (but physically you do feel drained out). 

3) It looks like you guys are extremely productive all the time. What are the kinds of entertainment that you guys seek in order to keep on being inspired.

4) What advice can you give to people like me who are always on the go. Half of the week I'll be in KL studying, the other half I'll be in Singapore being a wife and daughter. So my free time is extremely limited (plus the non stop school assignments!). I get migraine easily so if my migraine struck, that's it for the night when I reach my room from campus. I love blogging and I actually have 20 over drafts as I just couldn't find the time to complete it. Currently life is really overwhelming for me. I'm not complaining as I love doing everything I'm doing right now, but settling down just seems impossible for me.
5) I've checked online for info on starting an online store but its so daunting with how much info there is out there. Would you be able to share a helpful tip for researching?

6) How does one create a brand/ store name? I know what I want to sell but I want to have a store name chosen obviously :P before I put my stuff online. But I'm stuck I cant figure out a good name that represents me and what I'm selling. Plus there are many great names already taken. I've also tried using online word generators but they are so random. Any suggestions please?

7) Whats the biggest motivation for you to keep going? Because some days I just cant deal with life and I feel like im so behind in all of my to do list that i just want to sleep.

8) What if what I want to do isn't world changing or deep or that meaningful?

9) How do I make sure I don't stagnate in my business? Or in my personal life? How do I keep myself motivated to always improve and be better?

10) How do I build my self confidence?