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What Exactly Is The 'Get Unstuck & Get Going' Digital Class?


The 'Get Unstuck and Get Going' is an Audio course with 7 lessons by Karim Boubker & Aida Azlin (TSL co-founders). The course is designed to help you figure out how you can get out from the rut, how to beat the monotonous routine, how to uncover the "gift" that Allah has blessed all of us with and to simply start and get going so you can go out there and live your best-est life yet. Together with bonus, additional materials, the "Get Unstuck & Get Going" E-Course will, In Sha Allah help you to figure out your next step.

Using both Audio & Videos as our chosen teaching medium, each session will span between 20-30 minutes. All Audio lessons will also come with an accompanying PDF Workbook, where you will get the chance to answer some questions that are designed to help you carry out your journey forward and In Sha Allah, get you 'unstuck'. 

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We will also have email support throughout the entire duration of the course, so if you have any questions at all, our team will be more than happy to guide you through. 



Why You Need It?

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Do you feel "unfulfilled" or "bored" with your current situation even though you know that there's something more to life than this? You just need to know how to figure out what the "something more" in your life is - but you are lost and don't know where to start.

Or maybe you know what makes your heart beat faster, but you are just afraid of leaving the comforts of your routine to pursue something more worthwhile.

Maybe you simply do not have time, with the children and your job, and everything else - but you know in your heart of hearts that you can do more because you have seen how other women do it as well. 

'Get Unstuck & Get Going' is an E-Course that will In Sha Allah, help walk you through these scenarios as Karim and Aida share everything that they have learned and experienced over these 5 years of choosing and living a life without the boundaries of a work cubicle, but with hearts (and pockets) full as they pursue their purpose and choose to serve Allah by doing their life's work. 

(Read Aida + Karim's story here)

We dedicate this to every single one of you who is thinking that “I can offer nothing to this world” because boy are you so, so wrong.
— Karim + Aida


The Syllabus


Here is the breakdown for the 7 Audio Lessons: 

Lesson 1: The Beautiful Relationship Between Our Deen And Your Purpose (Doing Work You Love)

Lesson 2: Tackling Fear, Doubt & Insecurities (The Mindset)

Lesson 3: How To  / Why You Must Follow Your Curiosities

Lesson 4: Ideas & Inspirations: How To Have Them & Grow Them

Lesson 5: Getting The Actual Work Done

Lesson 6: Failure Has A Function

Lesson 7: Reality Check - But What About $$$

* All lessons will come with PDF Workbooks

We also wanted to go a step further and create more bonus content so on top of the 7 Audio Lessons, we will also offer:

1) Post 'Get Unstuck': Video Courses On

  • How To Write With Authenticity
  • 3 Marketing Tips That Completely Changed Our Business

2) 5 Featured Audio Interviews With Amazing + Ma Sha Allah Sisters

3) Q&A Session With Karim & Aida

  • Send us any questions throughout the period of the course and we'll record our answers in a Video. The final Video will be released on the 1st of March 2017, so all questions should be in before then! 




Required Materials


All you need is a sincere heart, a desire to make positive changes to your life, a working laptop / desktop and a good Internet Connection! All Course Materials (Audio + Video files) will be made available to download for an indefinite period of time so you can save the files and go over it at your own time and convenience. All Course Materials and news updates will also be sent straight to your Inbox for easy access.


What The Girls Are Saying


"Thank you for inspiring so many ladies to do what they're so afraid to do, and to take that very first step. For me, it was creating my own website and having my own domain - something I wasn't sure of until I signed up for the Get Unstuck and Get Going e-course. Alhamdulillah! My husband and I are also in the midst of creating something very exciting for our potential business. We had the inspiration and enthusiasm, but you and Karim gave us that final push."

 -h a


"I can never thank you enough for all the things that you have shine light on. You were the answer to my prayers. HE had send you my way and for that I am always grateful. The struggle was less painful when I had you to go to. Thank you for that!"

- sha


"Al hamdulilah, I feel so blessed that Allah SWT sent you on my way so I could work on my life purpose. Thanks for your wise words , advices and motivation!"

- k c

"The course have been so helpful to me. I have a starting point I can work on and for that I am so grateful for you guys in making it possible. I wanted to tell you guys how much this course is helping me and saying thank you is never enough. I hope you know that it makes a big difference in where I am right now. Thank you for getting me going! Thank you for THIS!"

 -ns y


"What I love about the Get Unstuck e-course over at TSL, it is one of pure and sincere knowledge from Aida + Karim, imho. They are not selfish with the knowledge that they have, contents are well covered, with the fact that they went through all these and feedback, evaluations, contingencies and re-evaluation were made along the way. So ladies that signed up for this course was in a good place cos we have one of the best knowledge from experienced entrepreneurs. Besides that, DOUBLE yeayyy when it's in audio! Great for ladies like me that read emails late (hahah!). Listening to valuable knowledge on the go is YES YES YES for me! All in all, Aida + Karim links this practical knowledge to our Deen, with our Creator, readjusting our niat, giving thanks to Him for all the things that happened and believe in Him more than ever. TRIPLE YEAAYYYY."

- s n