TSL Essential Shawl In Ebony Black

TSL Essential Shawl In Ebony Black


Our TSL Essential Shawls is something I’m super, super proud of. The fabric is amazing - it is breathable, not transparent, not slippery, made of really light Crepe fabric, and doesn’t tear easily. I wear my plain solid shawls to death, so I was always on the lookout for long-lasting, quality fabric and I promised myself that if TSL were to ever make solid-colour shawls, it has to be stellar. And I think we got ourselves a superstar! -A

  • TSL Essential in Ebony Black
  • Measures 200 cm x 70 cm
  • Made of High Quality Crepe: Opaque, Breathable, Light + Non-Slippery
  • 100% of the sales proceeds will go towards our brothers and sisters in Rohingya, In Sha Allah

    What the Girls Are Saying About The Essential Shawls:

    "I think I could be a little too obsessed with your essential shawl. It has only been a few days but I’ve worn it to work, weekend gatherings, and even to the market! (with washes in between of course heh) So versatile! Indeed, the shawl is just like what you claimed - breathable and not SLIPPERY (!!!) The material is soooo soft!!! It feels like a blankie! Currently I have 4 Colours of your essential shawls. I always wear them out during the weekends no matter the occasion :)"

    - ZKH

    Thank you so much for this shawl! The material is comfortable! I LOVE IT! Love the fact that it’s more opaque so I do not have to wear my ninja inner (it’s soooo warm here in SG!) Your shawls have been a part of life!”

    - RADIN N

    "I am super excited to receive love in the form of the TSL essential shawls! Have been wearing the 3 current ones I have on an almost weekly basis. <3"

    - SYA FAIZ

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