"When I started TSL, the dream was to always serve Sisters the world over on a much deeper level and because we acknowledge and saw first hand how Education + Knowledge empowers Women, we knew that starting TSL Classes would be the next best step forward.

TSL Classes are designed with the Modern Muslimah in mind, with the sole intention to spur and inspire us all to be the best version of ourselves, In Sha Allah."

- A


The Photoshop Workshop

The Photoshop Workshop (TPW) is a Digital Course that will cover just about everything you need to know to be proficient at Photoshop, In Sha Allah! From learning how to make your own Art Prints, to editing stunning photographs to designing marketing collaterals for your brand, we will cover the essentials needed to pump up your design game!


The Power Of Email 

Covering the technical aspect, to growing your subscriber base and to selling your first product through Email, this 8 weeks online course will cover everything that you need on Email Marketing so that you can build a loyal tribe and run a profitable business from anywhere in the world, In Sha Allah.