Bismillah, Twenty Seventeen

2016 has been an amazing year for us here at TSL. We've learned numerous life lessons, struggled a fair bit, lost some things / people closest to us, but we've also celebrated many victories, overcame a couple of tough hurdles and welcomed new things / people in our lives. We are immensely grateful for 2016, but are also super excited for 2017, hence we've curated a mini collection of 3 Essential pieces that we think might help all of us seize the coming new year with equal part calmness + equal part zest: our #tslDDDnotebook to jot all of your thoughts / reflections / ideas / musings, our limited edition #tslxtwsmarblecalendar that highlights 12 of our most fav Quranic Verses at the front, and monthly calendars at the back, and my go-to, "never-ever-ever-fails-me" TSL Black Essential Shawl.



With it’s petite ‘super-bag-friendly’ A6 size, it still packs a whooping 384 pages. The DDD Notebook boasts a handsome hardcover with beautiful gold stamping. Pages on the left are dotted, while pages on the right are blank (no lines). I go nowhere without my DDD notebook now, it houses my ideas, my to do lists, my sketches and a million other things in between!
  • A6
  • 384 Pages
  • Hardcover with Gold-Stamping
  • Left pages, dotted. Right pages, blank.
  • Back Folder to store your fav paraphernalia