Our Mission


At TSL, we are SUPERBIG (!!) on Sisterhood and fabrics stitched with purpose.

We pride ourselves on creating ethical, meaningful, beautiful shawls and apparels but our main priority will always (and forever) be to serve ladies the world over by equipping and empowering them with the tools and the support that they need to pursue self-betterment, In Sha Allah. 


Our Story

The short version of our story is this:

An accumulation of things beautifully came together by the will of Allah to make sure TSL happened. Some of these things were:

- finally realising that my one sole purpose in life is to serve Sisters
- deciding to live that purpose (I promised myself that I will serve and help at least one Sister a day, no matter what, In Sha Allah)
- moving to Morocco (more about this in a second)
- and having the immense blessings of being in a Sisterhood that stood by the TSL’s team ever since day one.

A close friend once asked me why I do what I do at TSL.

And the simple reason is this: I have never cared, connected, laughed, cried and felt these million and one feelings as much as I have now.

I do what I do at TSL, because it makes me, human.
— Aida Azlin


Moving to Morocco transformed and brought change to how Aida saw entrepreneurship. Having met and being inspired by women who are their own bosses in Morocco taught her that one does not need a huge amount of capital, Facebook or even a website to create noise about what one is doing.

That all we need is the intention to begin, lots of hustle & hard work, a bit of courage and a whole lot of sincerity, gratitude and patience.

TSL for us, is more than just a shawl label. It really has been a platform for us to serve fellow Sisters, to connect with strong, like-minded ladies and has been a constant reminder of our very purpose of existence: to seek Allah's pleasure and be the best Ambassadors of Islam.

TSL is our life's work and our legacy.

What started out as a one person, week-end side project in 2013 has evolved into a solid & passionate team who Alhamdullilah, have served over 3,000 Sisters (and counting In Sha Allah).

To put it simply, our story has been full of crazy adventures and a stirring one. It has also been equally scary and nerve-wrecking but it has been nothing short of fulfilling. At the end of the day, we're just super happy and super blessed to be here!



Our Products

When we start working on our collections, we usually start with two questions in our head:

1) Why are we making it?

2) Will this piece serve Sisters?

With these two questions grounding and simplifying our process, our collections will usually consist of no more than four different designs at a time.

This method of creating allows us to focus all of our energy on making meaningful, beautiful, quality pieces instead of mass producing too many things in every single design + colour. 

All our pieces falls under one of these categories:

  • TSL Shawls
  • TSL Classes
  • TSL Apparels
  • TSL Accessories
  • TSL Stationeries

Occasionally, when we are blessed to cross paths with awe-inspiring ladies, we also join forces to collaborate with them in special themed pieces.

Our products are always released first to the ladies subscribed to our mailing list. Join here to be updated of new collections, In Shaa Allah.


Our Studio


We make everything in our small little studio in Tangier, Morocco. Aida and our head tailor, Sis Sanae, does everything from cutting prototypes to sewing the final pieces here.

At our studio, we are also actively trying to play a role in minimising wastage and eliminating excesses when we create. 

(Sidebar: Do you know that millions of tons of fabrics go to waste each year? And that 48% of the fabrics that gets trashed are perfectly reusable?) 

All of our surpluses are catalogued and archived on our studio wall so we know exactly what is left, what we have and what's still available. 

This is also the reason why we usually open Pre-Orders for our Apparels as this allows us to only make what is needed, thus avoiding wastage.

As of late 2015, we are also working on a new range of Apparels under TSL ECO where we mix and match Vintage pieces (that still have a lot of life in them) and excess fabrics collected from the tailors + Souk here in Tangier to stitch new, wearable apparels and accessories. The pieces from TSL ECO will not only be unique in it's composition, but it will also leave a positive impact in our environment, In Sha Allah. 

Our studio is also open for any Sisters who are in Tangier and who wishes to drop by for some tea + cake!

If you wish to visit us and say hello, do drop us an email at theshawllabel@gmail.com so we can arrange something just for you!


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Contact Us

Email us at theshawllabel@gmail.com if you have any questions or if you simply want to drop us a note. We love hearing from fellow Sisters and usually reply within 24-48 hours.


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