The DDD Notebook

The DDD Notebook


With it’s petite ‘super-bag-friendly’ A6 size, it still packs a whooping 384 pages. The DDD Notebook boasts a handsome hardcover with beautiful gold stamping. Pages on the left are dotted, while pages on the right are blank (no lines). I go nowhere without my DDD notebook now, it houses my ideas, my to do lists, my sketches and a million other things in between! - A

  • A6
  • 384 Pages
  • Hardcover with Gold-Stamping
  • Left pages, blank. Right pages, dotted.
  • Back Folder to store your fav paraphernalia

    What The Girls Are Saying About The DDD Notebook
    “I really love the dotted pages! It’s so therapeutic to draw on them and unwind after a long day! I bring the notebook everywhere now! ”

    — SAL S

    “Alhamdulillah! I am extremely happy and grateful for the DDD notebook! As I write and/or doodle things in it, you should know that positive vibes, thoughts and prayers goes to you and your team. May Allah swt’s love and grace be unto you always, and I pray that your hard work and intention be accepted insyaAllah!

    — AIN

    “I have received the notebook and I am soooo in love with it! Thank you SO SO SO much once again and I hope you restock it soon because my mum and sister are fighting over mine (no way am I letting it go hehe)”


    “I just want to thank you so much for producing the DDD notebook. Love it! From the texture, size, pages, everything!”

    — AZIMAH A

    “Loving the DDD notebook. I’m a notebook lover but this is a level higher. It’s simple but elegant and cute too!”

    — ATIKAH

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